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Deposition Summary

Deposition summary services are an unavoidable area for litigation attorneys. It requires a strong understanding of the legal subject matter and evidentiary values thereto. Vee Technologies provides deposition summarization services to large and midsized law firms as well as in-house counsels globally. It leverages the expertise and experience of its highly qualified lawyers to offer deposition summarization with a lucid summary containing all the necessary information.

Our team works closely with law firms to ensure that uniformity and standards are maintained. Our experienced attorneys have extensive knowledge and exposure to perform the necessary analysis for summarization of the deposition transcript. Our deposition summary process guarantees extraordinary outcomes with quick turnaround time. It also reduces the entire transcript into essential key facts with citations that help the attorney to utilize the summary in the legal proceedings.

Vee Technologies has different formats of deposition summary that are in vogue in any established legal system. Our team will work closely with you and your team to deliver deposition summaries in the format of your choice along with other relevant information. Every deposition summary is accurate, concise, and easy to understand.

Vee Technologies' Deposition Summarization Services include:

  • Identifying and analyzing depositions
  • Drafting depositions relevant to the client's case
  • Three line summary template with page:line citation along with other minute details
  • Two-line summary with page:line citation along with other minute details
  • Summary with pin citation
  • Summary with continuous citation
  • Ensuring conformity with the law firms to maintain standards

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