Legal Processing Outsourcing

Vee Technologies is the industry leader in legal processing services with more than a decade of experience working with prestigious law firms in the US. We understand that time is money and every second counts in the legal industry. Working with a trusted partner for critical paralegal, litigation support, and secretarial services frees you up to focus on your core business and will save you up to 30% off the cost of doing it in-house. After an analysis of your specific needs, our team will devise an optimal combination of onshore services at our offices in New York City, NY, and Pennsylvania, PA, or offshore at one of our two delivery centers.

You'll enjoy key benefits such as:

  • Lower costs
  • Rapid turn-around time
  • Trustworthy quality
  • Expert 24/7 support

Working with our legal team empowers our customers to strategically utilize their investment in human resources to improve their business outcomes and grow their business. We are proud to work as an extended arm to our clients.

By transforming these partnerships into long-term relationships, we have built a solid business model to benefit our clients based on a foundation of:

  • Quality assurance
  • Smooth workflow processes
  • Data confidentiality
  • Security measures

A highly dedicated and competent team of lawyers backs these comprehensive solutions. They have an in-depth knowledge of state, federal, and international laws and maintain compliance with current environmental and regulatory laws.

Vee Technologies' legal team consists of experienced attorneys who are up to date with the laws and regulations of specific countries. This helps them to provide a wide range of contract services to different companies and firms, ranging from contract drafting to contract review and contract management.
Litigation Support
Vee Technologies is a pioneer in providing litigation support services to large as well as midsized law firms and in-house legal departments of companies. Our litigation support services are of high quality coupled with the fastest turnaround time.
Legal Secretarial Services
There is a wide variety of jobs that a legal secretary comes across during his/her professional responsibility. Legal secretarial work varies from typing, creation of charts/graphs, presentations, managing documents, follow-up with clients, fixing appointments for attorneys, and any other administrative services.
Legal Animation
Vee Technologies' animation team has in-depth knowledge of animation and they are backed by expert attorneys. Our animation experts have the experience and exposure in dealing with different legal fields such as personal injury, accident injury, workman compensation, commerce, medical malpractice, forensic animation, patent or IP, manufacture, and aeronautics.

Legal Process outsourcing (LPO) - Helping Companies Gain a Correlative Advantage

The rapid advancements in technology have not spared any process, from being automated. Today, every key process which earlier required lot of paper works and frequent written correspondences has seen the use of technology into it, thereby making the user’s life, much more comfortable.
Case Studies
Audio and Video Transcription

About the Client: The client is one of the leading overseas law firms with a strong presence in different parts of the country. They have lawyers handing different sections of law including family law, criminal law, and civil matters.

Clients' Profile: Our clients are Law Firms in USA practicing in the areas of Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice , and other accident cases.