Optimizing Energy Efficiency
To Guide Design

Energy Modeling

High-performing energy efficiency has become a fundamental piece of the design process. As such, a multidisciplinary approach to building and energy performance should be embedded into every project workflow. Running a design through an energy model can let engineers, architects, and designers see the effects of design changes on a building’s energy consumption, allowing them to make educated decisions regarding building layout, component selection, and environmental impact.

Vee Technologies complies with code-based sustainability requirements, operating as an invaluable resource to provide comprehensive consulting services for third-party certification programs and troubleshooting challenging high-performance projects. Our in-house architects and engineers are trained for energy modeling, life cycle assessment, benchmarking, and other studies that can help improve and verify the performance of new and existing buildings.

  • We Assess:
    • IECC/IGCC consulting (International Energy Conservation Code/International Green Construction Code)
    • Life cycle assessment
    • Daylight modeling
    • Energy modeling
    • Renewable energy studies
    • Carbon footprint analysis
    • Energy Star / benchmarking
    • Net zero-project consulting
    • IEER (Institute for Energy and Environmental Research) recommendations
  • How We Deliver Results:
    • BEM
    • Portfolios
    • Envelope studies - The physical separator between the conditioned and unconditioned environment
    • CFD report
    • LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green building design
  • Delivery Recommendations:
    • BEM as a model
    • BEM as a report
    • Calcs to Ashrae standards
    • Trace 700

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