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Legal Secretarial Services

There are a wide variety of jobs that a legal secretary comes across during his or her career. Legal secretarial work includes typing, creating charts, graphs, and presentations, managing documents, following up with clients, booking appointments, and other administrative tasks. While many companies would love to hire a legal secretary to provide these services, they find often find it unaffordable. In order to reduce costs, firms around the world have opted to outsource legal secretarial services.

Oftentimes, firms do not have the funds to hire an additional employee that they only need on a seasonal or part-time basis. This is where our legal secretarial services come in. Vee Technologies provides legal secretarial services to law firms by acting as a virtual secretary. We assist law firms on an "as-needed" basis, reducing their clients' financial burden. We assure that all communications are confidential and that all business objectives are protected.

Advantages of working with Vee Technologies:

Affordable Cost: Pay only for the time that is needed to complete a project. You will not pay for vacation time, office equipment, and more that you would have to pay if you had hired a new employee. 

Quick Turnaround Time: 100% of our focus is on your project to ensure fast and accurate results. This allows you to focus your time and resources on other aspects of your business.

Extraordinary Outcomes: We pride ourselves on providing a high-quality service with exceptional standards each and every time. We are reliable, trustworthy, and value client confidentiality. We work as an extended arm of the client's organization, not as a service provider.

Apart from a wide range of legal secretarial services, Vee Technologies also provides the following related services:

Renaming of Files: 

 Many files are sent to attorneys by their clients through fax, email, or scanned copies of the documents that are required in their cases. Constantly renaming and organizing incoming documents is burdensome and time-consuming. We help attorneys access whichever file they need to access, even at the eleventh hour. With our legal secretarial services, the attorneys are relieved of the pressures of maintaining files.

We manage file access through an FTP server where they are analyzed and accordingly renamed so that they can be easily accessed without browsing for them in his system. The method of naming is in such a manner that the client can identify the required file easily without any glitches. The files are renamed in an orderly and systematic fashion.

Managing Court Filings Through PACER:

Every day, courts receive a large number of plaintiff and defendant documents, which are filed electronically on PACER. These files can be accessed only on Pacer by having a special ID. The files are automatically placed in the queue and numbered. Then, Vee Technologies manages these files and uploads and downloads them regularly from PACER for the attorney’s reference. This process allows the attorney to stay in touch with the court proceedings knowing that the filings are being managed.

Chart of Correspondence:

The client, attorney, judge, responses to questions posed are normally sent and received over email. We create a chart of correspondence that keeps track of all correspondence between parties in a case. The chart gives a clear picture as to the chain of conversations. Our team analyzes the email conversations (or any other correspondence) and briefs them for the attorneys’ easy reference.

We have an experienced team that manages all of the work within the agreed-upon TAT with the client. Following a two-tier process, the work is checked for quality before sending it to the client. We take pride in being able to work closely with our clients by being supportive, proactive, and by providing high-end results. 

Vee Technologies' legal transcription team consists of experienced and qualified transcribers who offer accurate and quality transcripts with attention to detail. Our aim is to work proactively in partnership with you.

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Vee Technologies processes document coding as per individual project specifications. All projects are managed by personnel who are trained in legal coding and who are familiar with legal terminology and documentation.

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