Legal Coding

Vee Technologies processes document coding as per individual project specifications. All projects are managed by personnel who are trained in legal coding and who are familiar with legal terminology and documentation. Our time-tested and time-bound legal coding services provide fast, easy, and reliable access to important client documents from the huge volume of files that are part and parcel of litigation.

Vee Technologies offers subjective, objective, as well as in-text coding. Our professional legal document coding sets you free from the hassle of digging deep to find your stored legal data and provide a safe method to manage all documents in the most efficient manner. Vee Technologies offers high-quality coding and data conversion services at economical prices. We meet the accuracy, consistency, and completeness requirements of our clients during the coding process.

Our efficient legal document coding process can be summarized as:

  • Unitization (Logical Document Determination)
  • Objective coding (bibliographic coding) - wherein our team creates an index of documents based on objective data such as dates, author, recipient, and title
  • Subjective Coding - involves analyzing documents and creating summaries and keyword data. The documents are indexed based on keywords to make retrieval easier
  • Physical document determination and bates numbering
  • We use our own software which can be customized as per client's requirement
  • In-text coding - based on names and references that appears within the document
  • Judgment Coding - based on the judgment
  • TIFF to PDF Conversion
  • Data conversion, document conversion, OCR, OCR edits
  • The documents from clients are uploaded on the web or FTP.

Advantages of working with Vee Technologies:

  • Vee Technologies' team of excellent coders are highly qualified and trained in providing you quality legal coding work.
  • Outsourcing litigation coding to us gives you up to 60% cost-cutting advantage.
  • We are capable of providing data output in any format according to your specifications.
  • We set up NDAs and confidentiality agreements with clients and employees who work on the project.
  • We guarantee coding based on subjective and conceptual inference.

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