Legal Transcription

Vee Technologies' legal transcription team consists of experienced and qualified transcribers who offer accurate and quality transcripts with attention to detail. Our aim is to work proactively in partnership with you. Our full-time client managers have in-depth knowledge of the legal sector and provide a wide range of legal transcription services customized to meet your needs.

Vee Technologies' legal transcription services support you at an economical rate, providing your firm and your clients with increased flexibility to manage your legal transcription requirements more effectively. This will also provide you with the ability to respond to new and existing business opportunities. Our entire transcription process goes through stringent monitoring and maintains international quality standards. We realize that transcription needs to be done with the highest degree of accuracy, as every single word involved can lead to a change in the court decision. Each transcription is re-verified and proofread to conform to the client specifications.

Solicitors, attorneys, and barristers use our legal transcription services to assist their in-house typists by transcribing meetings, memorandums, correspondence, and court documents. Legal professionals find that the on-demand nature of our service perfectly complements their varied typing requirements.

Vee Technologies follows the typical outsourcing model of obtaining voice recordings, conversations, and dictations through secured FTP files (encrypted and decrypted) from clients. The legal transcription team subsequently converts this into digital text using its own transcription software. The legal transcription files are uploaded on the web or FTP in the required file formats such as wav, dss, and mp3.

Our legal transcription services include:

  • Deposition transcription services
  • Court proceedings
  • Trial proceedings
  • Wiretap proceedings
  • Interviews
  • Transcribing client letters dictated by attorneys
  • Briefs/Reports
  • Letters & Notices
  • Preliminary & Administrative hearings
  • Sworn statements
  • Legal pleadings
  • Arbitrations
  • Jury instruction

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