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Healthcare Provider

Vee Technologies delivers a suite of revenue cycle management and health information management outsourcing services to leading hospitals, health systems, physician groups, software companies, and other medical facilities and healthcare providers across the country. Our commitment seeks to exceed world class standards in quality, accuracy, turnaround time and security, resulting in extraordinary outcomes for our clients.

By outsourcing -revenue cycle management and healthcare information processes to Vee Technologies, our clients are able to shift time and resources to mission-critical processes. They trust our high-quality teams, signature account management, and commitment to first class delivery. Read more

Healthcare Payer

Healthcare Payer

Efficiencies, outcomes, and growth drive business imperatives for payers. A complex and changing healthcare environment challenges those goals. Managing high-risk and rising-risk patients' care continuum, automation, and reducing rates of human errors are keys to reigning in expenses. Vee Technologies has been delivering extraordinary outcomes for payers. With the move toward value-based payment structures, payers are focusing on developing new business models, enhancing IT capabilities, building a better care coordination infrastructure, and lowering administrative costs.

We offer core and ancillary business process management (BPM) and knowledge process management (KPM) support services across the payer spectrum: claims management, member management, provider network data management, contract management, finance, and accounting. Read more

Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare organizations are under increasing pressure to provide top-level quality care in a high cost and rapidly-changing environment. Healthcare executives are realizing the benefits of mastering analytics to achieve cost containment, clinical quality, and patient satisfaction insight.

Healthcare Enterprise Analytics is a staple to accelerating innovation focused on delivering exceptional quality of care and protecting a patient's cost of care. Vee Analytics provides the tools, project management, and knowledge base needed to achieve healthcare delivery insights. In a data-centric industry, the opportunity to leverage data for value creation has increased exponentially. Clinicians and healthcare payers are relying on data analytics to gain insights into patient behaviors and meet organization objectives. Read more

Healthcare Analytics
Risk Adjustment Services

Risk Adjustment Services

Realize financial success in value-based care with Vee Technologies’ suite of risk adjustment and consulting solutions.

As a leading provider of end-to-end Risk Adjustment solutions, all partnerships include:

  • Real-time Risk DNA insights
  • Access to our team of risk adjustment physicians
  • Dedicated and experienced Risk Adjustment Account Managers
  • Access to our robust list of comprehensive health management tools
  • Prospective, Concurrent, and Retrospective HCC clinical-coding experts
  • Transformational data-based intelligence
  • Complete risk and quality performance reporting insights

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Healthcare Insights

Focusing on risk reduction, operational efficiencies, and enhancing customer service, businesses in the healthcare sector have lots to keep up with. Comprising Case Studies and Whitepapers, our Healthcare Insights equip you with all the latest industry trends.

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