Automating Capabilities To Streamline Computational Design

Dynamo Script Development

Vee Technologies works to assist your AEC teams with computational design tools that increase your team’s skills and visual programming capabilities. By eliminating repetitive, time-consuming tasks, we provide the necessary insights that give access to Revit API (Application Programming Interface). Our experts are trained to manipulate graphical elements to visually script behavior using a multitude of textual programming languages.

With a deep understanding of what Dynamo Script Development for Revit can do, Vee Technologies specializes in identifying opportunities for automation that push the parameters of computational design.

  • What We Assess:
    • Analyze repetitive design/drafting tasks
  • How We Deliver Results:
    • Automated object placement and manipulation
    • Generate graphs for full team use
    • Connect elements to define the relationships and the sequences of actions that compose custom algorithms
    • Grid parameters and points
    • Create an attractor point
    • Calibrate distance values
    • Variable grid of circles, etc.
    • Process data to generate geometry
  • Delivery Recommendations:
    • ID tasks
    • Train client team on building algorithms for specific tasks