Bridging the Gap Between Data & Design

Data Rich Design / Modeling

Design and data are two terms not often associated with each other, but our Data-Rich Design & Modeling solutions provide an opportunity to bridge the gap between the two. By showcasing the full impact that a data modeling tool has on design processes, systems, and the collaboration that is required across the design team, Data-Rich Design & Modeling solutions prove that the power of BIM is far more than just an improved documentation and sharing environment.

Vee Technologies offers full Data-Rich Design & Modeling consulting services that maintain and utilize building information to manage operations and maintenance of buildings throughout their operational lifecycles.

  • What We Assess:
    • Assessment of the current digital model (Vs) Lifecycle requirements
    • Work order response times
    • Maintenance -Planned and/or Reactive
    • Cost per repair
    • Energy use and audits
    • Space occupancy levels
    • Warranty information embedded in BIM objects
  • How We Deliver Results:
    • Delivery of assessment: reports that show gaps between current digital model and lifecycle requirements
    • Delivery of actual service to perform this work
  • Delivery Recommendations:
    • Assessment report
    • FM modeling services as a proposal: scope