Legal Animation

Vee Technologies' animation team has in-depth knowledge of animation and they are backed by expert attorneys. Our animation experts have the experience and exposure in dealing with different legal fields such as personal injury, accident injury, workman compensation, commerce, medical malpractice, forensic animation, patent or IP, manufacture, and aeronautics. The purpose of litigation animation can be assumed as:

  • Visualizing an event
  • Visualizing the right timing of an event
  • Understanding evidences and facts
  • Understanding entire perspectives
  • Clarifying complex facts and data
  • Make complex information simple
  • Better perception for jurors

Legal Process outsourcing (LPO) - Helping Companies Gain a Correlative Advantage

The rapid advancements in technology have not spared any process, from being automated. Today, every key process which earlier required lot of paper works and frequent written correspondences has seen the use of technology into it, thereby making the user’s life, much more comfortable.
Case Studies
Audio and Video Transcription

About the Client: The client is one of the leading overseas law firms with a strong presence in different parts of the country. They have lawyers handing different sections of law including family law, criminal law, and civil matters.

Clients' Profile: Our clients are Law Firms in USA practicing in the areas of Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice , and other accident cases.