Animation of Accidents

In the current legal scenario, it is quite a battle for an attorney to present a case to the jury and get a favorable verdict. To successfully litigate a case in front of the jury requires extensive verbal skills and legal knowledge. We all are aware of the fact that wining a pleading always depends on the facts and the law. Vee Technologies, with its high-end 2D and 3D animation software packages, helps the litigation attorneys to illustrate and explain the incident in front of the jury in a more presentable manner. Our legal animation helps to present a case for expert witnesses so that the jury can comprehend the case better.


Is Outsourcing e-Discovery For ESI The Smart Choice

Legal Process Outsourcing: Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the role it plays with ESI and e-Discovery. We all see it. The world around us is changing. This includes the complex and ever-changing legal landscape. Modern technology facilitates mass processes influencing human life in every aspect at large. Legal processes that were once handled exclusively in-house can now be safely outsourced to trusted global services partners.
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About the Client: The client is one of the leading overseas law firms with a strong presence in different parts of the country. They have lawyers handing different sections of law including family law, criminal law, and civil matters.

Clients' Profile: Our clients are Law Firms in USA practicing in the areas of Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice , and other accident cases.