Ensuring Accuracy By
Implementing Best Practices

E/M Auditing & Consulting

CMS audits have revealed that nearly 42% of claims with evaluation and management codes are billed incorrectly every year. With more changes on the horizon, that number is likely to increase drastically. Vee Technologies conducts a deep dive into the levels of service coded and billed, ensuring appropriate assignment of CPT code(s) based on medical necessity, history, physical exam, medical decision-making, and time spent counseling and coordinating care for the patient.

  • What We Assess:
    • Payment integrity audits
    • Correct coding audits based on NCCI principles
    • E/M level utilization and benchmarking
    • Medical necessity audits
  • How We Deliver Results:
    • Retrospective chart review
    • Data analysis
    • Education and collaboration with administrators & providers to improve workflow (EHR recommendations)
  • Delivery Recommendations:
    • General education for the entire organization/department (recommended annually with regulatory updates)
    • One on one sessions with physicians to discuss findings
    • Small group training
    • Education for new providers and habitual offenders
  • Workflow Process:
    • Select documentation to audit
    • Categorize audit findings
    • Meeting with providers for educational sessions

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