Transforming The Way Organizations Design, Collaborate & Build

BIM Implementation

Engineering organizations understand the need to implement a data-driven and agile construction process. As technology develops, designers have pushed to create an environment where stakeholders remain connected, and confident, and maintain the ability to work within the latest iteration of their project.

Vee Technologies consults with clients to implement BIM within their organization, working to create a highly collaborative data ecosystem that plays a decisive role in boosting productivity while reducing delays and budget overruns. These highly intelligent 3D models drive the project process through critical phases of design including coordination, communication, and streamlined collaboration.

  • What We Assess:
    • Current practice/workflow
    • Client needs
    • Project scale
    • Performance metrics
    • IT Infrastructure
    • ROI
    • Current skill levels
  • How We Deliver Results:
    • BIM execution plan & stages
    • Training & transition – Standards & tools
    • Hardware analysis
    • Customize software features
    • Create templates/ families
    • Develop a change management plan
    • Process configuration
  • Delivery Recommendations:
    • Assessment
    • Full training for the entire team, Implement pilot program, BEP (BIM Execution Plan)
    • Ongoing training/monitoring of implementation
    • Monitoring/Maintenance Plan