Legal Research & Drafting

Legal research & drafting is imperative for any law firm or organization; but it is time consuming, burdensome, and expensive. Even a small negligence on analysis can cause major damage to the firm and its client. Vee Technologies has a dynamic team of attorneys and paralegals with rich backgrounds who share their rich experience in carrying effective legal research for our clients. Exposure on handling various complicated legal issues and regular supplementary training on ever-changing law has enriched and developed our attorneys' skills and attention to details. Our holistic legal research approach provides authorities and citations which are accurate and relieves clients of this burden and focus on more strategic issues.

Area of Practice:

  • Personal Injury Law
  • Medical Injury
  • Premises Liability
  • Accident
  • Insurance litigation
  • Employment Law
  • Mortgage Law
  • Estate Planning
  • Bankruptcy

Research on Federal and State Laws:

  • Proficient, precise and comprehensive legal research for each of the different U.S. Jurisdictions
  • Legal Motions as per the prescribed state law format
  • Drafting of Memo as per IRAC (Issue, Rule, Application, and Conclusion) method with legal analysis of issues presented by client's set of facts
  • Conclusion prosecuting client's legal position
  • 24/6 availability on demand
  • Quick turnaround time

Our Research Tools include:

  • Primary and secondary sources
  • Case law research using databases like LexisNexis and Westlaw
  • Searches for multi-jurisdictional laws and policies, case laws, etc.
  • Online Legal journals and case law resources
  • Current awareness
  • Reference material provided by the client

Is Outsourcing e-Discovery For ESI The Smart Choice

Legal Process Outsourcing: Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the role it plays with ESI and e-Discovery. We all see it. The world around us is changing. This includes the complex and ever-changing legal landscape. Modern technology facilitates mass processes influencing human life in every aspect at large. Legal processes that were once handled exclusively in-house can now be safely outsourced to trusted global services partners.
Case Studies
Audio and Video Transcription

About the Client: The client is one of the leading overseas law firms with a strong presence in different parts of the country. They have lawyers handing different sections of law including family law, criminal law, and civil matters.

Clients' Profile: Our clients are Law Firms in USA practicing in the areas of Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice , and other accident cases.