Challenges & Opportunities in Aftermarket

Components Engineering

The global automotive aftermarket is faced with multiple challenges ranging from varied expectations and unique customer requirements, to disruptive technologies. Challenges that are faced by aftermarket engineering include:

Challenges Aftermarket Engineering

Aftermarket parts and accessory manufacturers must deal with several challenges:

  • executing the required shift to digital/mobile technology
  • maintaining the required rapid acceleration of change and demand
  • keeping up with automotive parts and their growing complexity

However, in addition to challenges, the aftermarket also offers new opportunities

Challenges Aftermarket Engineering

These new trends offer opportunities to:

  • Blend sales channels (both traditional and digital)
  • Use new technologies to better understand customers
  • Improve efficiencies in the supply chain to improve speed and accuracy in order fulfillment

Vee Technologies believes challenges can be converted into opportunities. Through our experienced team, we can help our clients not only expand the market, but capture it.

Vee Technologies meets and exceeds our client’s needs clients through:

  • Understanding the pain points and providing solutions by proper assessment
  • Using Six Sigma methodologies to optimize the processes
  • Understanding the new market and how to service the clients' challenging requirements in each geographical location
Challenges Aftermarket Engineering Solutions

Aftermarket organizations need support for all the above-mentioned services/solutions on a very regular basis. How will this help the organization? If a company in North America is planning to look for a presence in Europe, Vee Technologies can develop the designs, meeting EU requirements, and taking care of various zones with different pricing expectations.

Plans developed for North America can be marketed using 3D animated video. After the parts are designed and developed, Vee Technologies supports the sales team by developing user manuals, parts manuals, maintenance manuals, and eCatalogs to attract new customers. If the parts are legacy with history attached to the part, it can be reverse-engineered and re-engineered to meet the latest specifications through VAVE. Once the customer purchases the parts using the eCatalog, the customer will have better visibility and data on demand for a product.

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Challenges & Opportunities in Aftermarket Components Engineering