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American Association for Professional Coders – The Local Chapter

The American Association for Professional Coders has a conglomeration of more than 500 Local chapters spread all across USA. Governed by the AAPC chapter association, the members, by and large, belong to a Local chapter, who enjoy facilities like obtaining continued online education units, conducting examinations, establish a close connect with the peers in the industry, as well as promoting healthcare industry in the local horizon.

As a part of the AAPC Local Chapter Seminar, held on December 16th, 2018, in Bengaluru, Mr. Venkatesh Srinivas, Senior Manager – CPC, CCA, Vee Technologies, addressed the elite audience, with an exclusive and extensive talk, on the importance of Outpatient Coding / CDI in a value based Re-imbursement model. Vee Technologies, an ISO 9001 – 27001 Company, headquartered in New York, USA and Bengaluru, India and one of the pioneers into Global Medical Billing Outsourcing, has been instrumental in introducing its continued contributions, to the healthcare sector, making use of niche technologies, through AAPC Local chapter Seminars.

The AAPC Local Chapter Seminar was held at, Sagar Vajra, Jasmine: No.13/1, near Ashoka Pillar, 4th Cross Road, 2nd Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru – 560011.

The American Association of Professional Coders, Seminars have seen Vee Technologies, contributing to a large extent, by exhibiting their abilities, in sectors, other than Healthcare as well, like Engineering, Aerospace and Information Technology, to quote a few.