IT Services

IT Services

Vee Technologies provides a wide range of IT services that are developed and managed by a team of experienced professionals. We have the expertise and state-of-the-art technology to deliver exceptional results in the following categories:

  • Software Application Development
  • Mobility Solutions
  • Data Analytics

Each of these services is crucial in today’s IT-enabled world of business. We ensure that whatever solutions we design are customized to the unique requirements of our clients.

Vee Technologies IT services division is located in the IT hub of India-Bangalore. Here, our team of skilled and dedicated experts works with state of the art technology in a world-class infrastructure setting. Our team comprises of:

  • Software engineers
  • Mobile developers
  • Solutions architects
  • Business intelligence experts
  • System or business analysts
  • Data analysts

Our key differentiators:

We follow standard SDLC procedures in our work process. Each project is managed using agile methodology that makes for easy scalability in future. Our in-house R&D team provides us with cutting edge technology that sets us apart from other software solutions providers. We have a vast talent pool of the best engineers specialized in IT from the Sona College of Technologies, which is part of the same family as Vee Technologies-The Sona Valliappa Group. This allows us to maintain stringently high quality in our work processes.

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