Re-Applying Data for Business Improvement
With Clinical Natural Language Processing

Clinical Natural Language Processing (CNLP)

The healthcare industry is among the most challenging and demanding sectors and will remain that way for the foreseeable future. With an increasing amount of unstructured electronic health records (EHR), industry professionals are looking for solutions that can help them efficiently categorize and utilize this data.

At Vee Technologies, our developers work diligently to keep pace with the latest technological advancements and use their innovative skills to build cutting-edge solutions.

With advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), clinical natural processing (CNLP) has helped healthcare organizations overcome major industry challenges. Driven by the mission to increase the quality of outcomes, Vee Technologies builds advanced text and speech processing tools, which aid in the deployment of CNLP in your healthcare organization.

Vee Technologies is skilled in:

  • Building Educational Material:

    Physician narration can be converted into text at the time of patient consultation.

  • EHR Mapping Tools:

    Multiple systems can be mapped according to exact data elements in order to build structured records.

  • Report Building:

    Shorthand data provided by healthcare professionals can be transformed into detailed reports.

  • Query Answering Capabilities:

    Shorthand data provided by healthcare professionals can be transformed into detailed reports.

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR):

    Images can be identified from the medical charts and recorded on PDFs. These PDFs can then be sent to the patient directly.

  • Speech Recognition Tools:

    With our clinical natural language development expertise, clinical discussions can be directly converted to text. These text documents can then be used for future reference and educational purposes.

    For clinical trials, it is estimated that a one-day delay can cost upwards of one million dollars in revenue. We understand that time is money and that every dollar matters. With increased pressure to compress clinical timelines, now is the time to invest in clinical natural language processing services.

Partner With Vee Technologies for Your Clinical Natural Language Processing Needs

Working to build collaborative platforms for clinical advantages, our team of dedicated developers creates precise clinical natural processing solutions to meet your specific needs. With a sound background in clinical research and terminology, developers build independent algorithms that self-train themselves over time to provide accuracy and consistency.

Our unique selling propositions (USPs) in clinical natural processing development are:

  • Built with access to the latest tools and technologies, we build clinical NLP solutions that accelerate the EHR maintenance solution
  • Working in an agile workflow, we deliver each product on time and as promised 
  • Highly accurate and precise solutions tested to perfection
  • We offer flexible client engagement models

We empower healthcare professionals to overcome the challenges of clinical diagnosis, clinical report generation, clinical paraphrasing, image extraction, and more.

The tools developed by our experts in clinical natural processing assist in research, diagnostics, and voice dictations. All of our capabilities have been rendered to excel in real-world clinical data handling scenarios.

Contact us today and learn how Vee Technologies can custom-build a solution to meet your organizational needs.

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