Enhanced Drawing Services
With a Commitment To Excellence

Construction / Production Drawings

Vee Technologies has responded to current market conditions by providing enhanced construction and production drawings for our clients. Staffing constraints and a lack of qualified resources highlight this value for our clients. For the past decade, our teams have supported clients around the world by meeting their demands in volume, efficiency, cost, and schedule. Our exceptional processes, personnel, and quality procedures benefit organizations by eliminating this task from your architect’s workload.

Our deep understanding of process excellence coupled with knowledgeable experts who possess a commitment to quality will benefit any organization by rerouting some or all of your production volume to a partner-based workflow.

We support architectural firms and work in practice areas such as healthcare, high rise, multifamily residential, mixed use, retail, hospitality, corporate, education, institutional, and industrial.

Our services are extensive, below is a sample:

  • Interior
  • Elevations and sections
  • Layout and landscaping
  • Floor plans
  • Space plans
  • Furniture
  • Reflected ceiling plans
  • HVAC layouts


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