Smart Solutions for Electric Meter Reading,
Bill Generation, and Service

Electric Meter Reading, Bill Generation and Service Through SBM/Mobile Apps

Mobile applications have streamlined the way that businesses operate, creating a seamless transfer of data that connects companies to customers. In the energy sector, this software utilizes smartphone apps to deliver the information necessary for a proper meter reading.

A QR code will be attached to the electricity meter to adopt the new method for electric meter readings. The consumer's data will be provided when the meter reader is checked using the mobile app. The reading is simply entered into the electricity department's database, providing the information necessary for continued service.

Meter reading is currently done with a Spot Billing Machine (SBM). After the billing machine is connected to the relevant computer, the reading is transferred into the software. This new technology saves time while also enabling digital meter readings, streamlining the way information is transferred and delivering the electrical bill to the consumer's registered phone number.

Vee Technologies offers a systematic electric meter reading, bill generation, and SBM through mobile applications for a seamless and cost-effective experience.

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