Family Creation Services That Streamline the Design Process

Revit Family Creation

A family of intelligent virtual 3D elements provides detailed information about the physical attributes of various components or products. Vee Technologies offers parametric and non-parametric family creation services that help to quickly implement design changes throughout Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP). Our Revit family creation experts provide standard or custom architectural library creation for architects, product manufacturers, engineers, and fabricators. As an addition to our services, we can also embed BIM elements and metadata such as technical datasheets, standard details, warranty information, model number, and product literature. Our team helps create effective layout plans and project presentations that promote effective marketing and offer better implementation of your products and projects.

Our Revit family creation services include:

  • MEP family creation
  • Related custom and supporting content
  • Partitions, windows, walls and doors
  • Building system families
  • Foundation families
  • Fixtures, custom applications

We begin the design process by selecting the template and parameters of your project. We then create the model geometry and assign your specific sub-categories to the objects. Visibility rules are then set up within the Revit environment, creating the various family types. Once the families are created, you can use them for numerous projects that can be modified based upon the necessary design changes.