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Electrical Design

Our engineering teams develop electrical designs for HVAC systems, elevators, computers, lighting and other critical electrical components used in building design. Our teams work in Revit and Autocad. An advanced command of BIM 360 allows our team to integrate with yours in real time, within a shared Revit model.

Our expertise will convey and coordinate critical system information between all design and engineering stakeholders. Constructability knowledge of no-fly-zones, for example, indicates our broader understanding of electrical systems ensuring that our submittals to you are correct, the first time.

Our teams support a wide variety of commercial and industrial clients and offer electrical design services including:

  • Power distribution system design
  • Electrical panel schedules
  • Electrical line diagrams and load list preparation
  • Power and lighting plans, including lighting load estimations and light fixture layouts
  • Audio-visual system design
  • Emergency system design
  • CCTV and data communication systems design
  • Cable Tray layout design
  • Determining the size of switchgears and transformers
  • Panel room layout drawings

Providing LOD 100 and 200 models for initial coordination, then moving to higher LOD models provide a highly accurate stepped output. The deliverable to our client is sufficient for clash coordination, fabrication, spools, shop drawings and even LOD 400 & 500 data for BOM (Bill of Materials), QTO (Quantity Take Off), facilities management and other data sets driven by the client’s requirements.

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