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International Yoga Day at Vee Technologies 2015

In the spirit of International Yoga Day, VeeTechnologies had organized a rejuvenating Yoga session today at National Military Memorial Park, Bangalore. Yoga, being an ancient Indian discipline aims at keeping an individual healthy at all levels -physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Therefore, a regular practice of yoga can keep people of all ages and sectors fit, happy and well balanced.

This is especially true for corporate employees who have a fast paced lifestyle and take up multiple responsibilities, both personally and professionally. Yoga is the best stress buster and will naturally increase one’s work performance as well. To enjoy the benefits of this wonderful practice, Vee Technologies initiated the hour long yoga program for all its employees.

The session was led by well known yoga gurus, Mr. VV Anandgiri Sharma and Ms. Madhavi.

Various teams from different verticals like HealthCare, Engineering, Finance and Accounting, Marketing etc., of Vee Technologies took part in the short but effective program. It was certainly a great way to shed the mid-week stress and come out with a refreshed and relaxed state of mind. The open air setup, spacious location, lush green surroundings, and the fine weather of Bangalore proved to be the best ambience for this event. The aptly dressed participants enthusiastically followed the instructions of the gurus and had an ideal break from their otherwise monotonous routine. The trainers and the learners were in sync with each other; the session proceeded with a smooth flow like a set of well arranged yogic postures.

The program started off with a brief introduction to the practice. Participants were then made to perform various simple, yet powerful yoga postures or asanas, like Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutation) and more. Yoga, being a holistic form of wellness, includes various elements beyond just the physical exercise. This fact was put into practice during the session when the basic concepts of pranayama (breathing exercises) and dhyana (Meditation) were introduced.

All of these, and the precious words of guidance by the gurus, induced a sense of peacefulness and wellbeing in the air. The medical coders, engineers, technical experts, programmers, designers, marketing pros, managers, and key management team members were all engrossed in the session. They got a quick glimpse of the benefits that they could reap out of yoga; the most evident one being a relaxed and peaceful mind. Additionally, they were motivated to make this as a part of their daily lives in order to undo the ill effects of sedentary work styles and stressful situations.

The session ended with smiles and gratitude. The participants were pleased and ready to get back to their work with a better state of wellbeing. The trainers were happy about the positive response they got. The success of this event opened doors for many such future sessions. In the interest of the employees’ health and wellbeing, Vee Technologies will organize similar yoga sessions once a month. The employees can thus use this opportunity to get into a lifelong practice of yoga which equates to complete fitness and fine balance.

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