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Top 5 Logistics Trends To Watch Out For in 2018

With technology evolving rapidly, the world of logistics too is not immune to the rapid advances across diverse fields, such as digitalization, analytics, robotics, and more. Predicting, identifying, and being aware of these trends will help professionals in the logistics industry stay ahead of the competition by increasing efficiency and even cost-effectiveness.

Here are the top 5 logistics trends you need to be aware of in 2018:


There will be a substantial increase in the number of companies using blockchain in logistics processes in the next couple of years. Blockchain makes the entire transactional process impenetrable to any threats to security. Logistics companies that adopt blockchain in their processes will increase their credibility among clients while also making it easier to track consignments.


More and more companies are investing in automation that helps increase efficiency while reducing costs. Adopting automation ensures that they will be immune to the challenges resulting from labor shortages as well. Whether this is achieved through robotics, self-driving vehicles, or APIs or machine learning, automation facilitates better results for both logistics companies and their clients.

Linking sustainability to profitability:

With increasing awareness of the need to be good custodians of the environment, logistics companies worldwide will be taking more serious steps to reduce their carbon footprint, which has multiple benefits for all the stakeholders-for the planet (by reducing emissions), for the logistics company (in terms of cost and credibility), and for the client (increasing revenue by reducing costs in supply chain).

Elastic logistics:

This refers to the ability to adapt to changing demands by scaling capabilities up or down according to requirements. Market fluctuations are better met by automation solutions that are flexible. Logistics companies that offer customized solutions, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, will attract and retain more customers in the long run.

Data-driven logistics:

While data has always been a vital component of the logistics process, the coming years will see more comprehensive data-driven logistics. This trend will include more complex data visualization tools, big data algorithms, and other innovative analytical processes. This increases operational efficiency and guarantees customer satisfaction through perfect order deliveries. It can help in shortening routes, reducing delivery time, thus saving time and money and enhancing service outcomes.

These trends are set to transform the way logistics operations are managed. Vee Technologies has always been at the forefront of the latest trends in logistics and is already on the way to adopting these to provide an even better experience for clients around the world.