Utilizing Complex Tools and Technology
To Deliver Industry-Leading Results

Intelligent Image Annotation Services

Working with a focused approach and utilizing complex tools and technology, we offer unmatched image annotation services. With tools that work at pixel level, we augmented them using smart algorithms to carry out precise image annotation.

Adept with image processing tools and techniques, we carry out:

  • Semantic segmentation,
  • Cuboids, polygons, 2D & 3D bounding boxes
  • Points and line annotation

Adding great value to business, we start with understanding the nature of the business and then carry out the picture annotation task. Whether you are from fashion, retail, e-commerce or the automobile industry, we ensure your product images are ready for computer vision.

Image Annotation Process

From tagging to sorting the objects in the image, we streamline the retrieval of your images images and make it easy for your audience to find them.

Working with a vast array of global clients, we have created a name in the marketplace that is trusted by industry leaders. Our set of excellent tools and technology makes us capable of handling numerous types of annotation techniques.

Our Services Include

  • Image annotation and tagging
  • Object recognition and image classification services
  • Bounding box image annotation
  • Pixel level semantic segmentation
  • Polygonal annotation
  • Contour image annotation
  • Line and splines annotation
  • Point and dot annotation
  • Landmark annotation
  • Cuboid annotation
  • Poly mask annotation

Why Trust Vee Tech for Image Annotation Services?

We work with high-end technology solutions to deliver services that are affordable and tailored to meet your specific business.

  • To preserve the image quality:

    Our process of annotating images makes use of high-end solutions that work precisely and accurately without compromising the quality of the image.

  • Data security:

    Working in an NDA engagement model, your data is secure with us. We use secured channels to send and receive data between your team and ours, ensuring that images are not shared.

  • Time-honored deliveries:

    With a team of highly skilled image annotation experts, we are well-equipped to handle bulk work with ensured accuracy and delivery.

Vee Technologies provides professional and dedicated services at a competitive price. We partner with a promise to fine tune your images so that they generate more revenue. We have worked with companies in multiple business domains and have partnered with them to deliver high-end services at affordable prices.

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