Conversion Services
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Imperial / Metric Conversion

Following the metrics set by international agreements allows businesses to bridge the measurement differences in designs that must be approved by cross-border committees. Vee Technologies offers proficient imperial to metric conversion services that ensure that a kilogram, liter or meter will remain the same, no matter where you are. This presents commercial and trade advantages for the companies who trade internationally as only a single set of measurements is required.

We offer straightforward conversion of the master model to international metrics for your products. We then convert each sub-assembly or individual component of the model to metric. This technique ensures accurate conversions of the lower level assemblies, further verifying that there is uniform fit, function and form for the master model. The models will then be validated and our team will turn to materials selection in the metric standards providing you with a master model, detailed drawings, lower level drawings as well as Bills of Materials, which are converted to metrics. With an in-depth understanding of imperial to metric conversion, we provide our clients with flawless conversion.

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