Motor Optimization Customized Solutions

BLDC Motor Development

Highly efficient controls and longer life have significantly increased the success of Brushless DC (BLDC) motors over the conventional DC motors in industrial and automotive applications. Vee Technologies’ BLDC motor development services help businesses address their complex application requirements. With a team of highly experienced and skilled engineers, we cater to even the most complex BLDC motor implementation needs. We understand that BLDC motors need intelligent control electronics, with that in mind, our experts help develop platforms to efficiently operate and optimize BLDC motors.

Our services cover the following:

  • Cost-efficient adaptations to meet specific requirements
  • Control of multiple motors with a single ECU
  • Design-space optimized solutions
  • Specific solutions for complex installations
  • Simplification of motor control units
  • Optimized mechanical integration for cost reduction
  • Design-to-cost studies
  • Rapid prototyping for BLDC application
  • Increased product security with tested software and hardware
  • Integration of specific features
  • Solutions with multiple control methods
  • Control of different BLDC-driven actuators, within the powertrain
  • Hardware and software platforms for BLDC motor control

Empowered by our own group of institutions offering advanced technical education, research and development, we excel in all BLDC motor projects. From complete motor control evaluation to development of tools, we are here to help.