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3D Animation

3D animation is a process of creating photorealistic 3D animations that visually depict the configuration, assembly, and inner-workings of a product in the form of an animated video. Today, it is considered one of the fastest and easiest ways to depict product imagery and develop animated training videos for businesses across numerous industries. As a result, it is becoming widely adopted in sectors such as aerospace, mechanical, automotive, healthcare and education. At Vee Technologies, we provide 3D animation services that cater to the needs of even the most complex animation projects. Using, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3DS MAX, etc., we create incredible technical explainers, 3D product visualizations and motion graphics.

As a long-standing expert in providing 3D animation services, we help to reduce the cost of prototyping by improve product design and enhancing product knowledge. Our engineers possess the technical understanding to simplify communication by engaging your audience. Whether you are looking for assembly line animations, 3D architectural renderings, process animations or replacement for physical prototyping, our resources are equipped to handle all your project requirements.

Our 3D animation services encompass the following aspects:

  • 3D modeling and texturing
  • 3D lighting
  • Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) animations
  • Assemblies and disassembles
  • Animated charts and graphs
  • 360-degree camera movements with sound effects

From lengthy videos with complex lighting and multiple angles to simple stop motion animations, our expert designers, drafters, and animators can cater to any level of project complexity. We are also capable of quickly converting CAD formats into 3D models. Furthermore, our 3D models can be optimized to any viewing format. Vee Technologies provides groundbreaking products that meet your specific needs, on time, within budget.

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Client Testimonials

OMCO Solar makes tracking systems for solar modules, to increase production of solar energy

We developed a unique bearing, for high reliability and easy installation, and we needed a way to show our customers very clearly how the bearing works. Vee Technologies created a series of animations which show how our bearing functions, and now customers can understand it quickly and easily. Working with Vee was a pleasure – they are very professional, they communicate well, and their work exceeded our expectations. I look forward to working with Vee Technologies again!

Matt Kesler

Director Of Solar Technology
OMCO Solar

Bardex is greatly pleased with Vee Technologies’s animation services.

They are a very welcome and appreciated supporting member of our sales force. Their work is impeccable and their customer service leaves nothing to be wanted. We can recommend Vee Technologies for consideration on any animation projects you may have that are a good fit with the company.

Bryan Chamberlin

Design Engineer