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Frequent product updates and new concepts demand the integration of technology to facilitate enhanced learning opportunities. Today, e-learning portals have made knowledge-sharing easier than ever before. At Vee Technologies, we provide custom e-learning solutions that engage and captivate the audience by increasing learning potential and immersing them in targeted, dynamic, and self-paced content. Animated learning videos can be easily shared and viewed on a variety of devices that enable the user to move at their own pace, maximizing knowledge retention.

We offer a wide array of Technical Publication solutions that include content authoring as well as the development of exploded views, drawings, and pictures. Our teams use advanced publishing tools and software to develop world-class technical publications and modules that can be used for training or marketing purposes. Supporting businesses across numerous countries and industries, we also provide translation services for new and current publications.

Technical publication services we provide include the creation and modification of Illustrated Tool and Equipment Manuals (ITEM), Illustrated Part Lists and Catalogs (IPL/IPC), Component Maintenance Manuals (CMM), Engine Maintenance Manuals (EMM), Animation, Multilingual translation of technical manuals, and e-learning platforms.

Leveraging technologies like XML, Flash, and HTML5, we build e-learning solutions that align with the strategic objectives of our clients. We have a team of experienced animators and modelers who skillfully combine visuals, sound and graphics to develop informative and engaging e-learning animation content. Our high-end audio-visuals deliver quality training materials, user manuals and user guides that are interesting to watch, simple to learn, and easy to retain.

animation services


Vee Technologies uses state-of-the-art animations to bring to life technical publications across different categories in engineering services.

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Rapid growth in internet connectivity has served as a catalyst for the increased use of e-learning. In addition, the internet encompasses a multitude of global and local players who have further facilitated online learning

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AR / VR / 


AR / VR / MR

Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) is changing the way that we see business. With already established footholds in engineering, healthcare, education, defense and aerospace

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Game Development

Game Development

Gaming is no longer limited to entertainment and has now become an essential part of learning and development. As an integral part of the web, gaming makes learning interactive and more engaging. Millions

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Simulation Development

Simulation Development

People learn well through hands-on training, however, learning in live conditions might not be the feasible or safest approach at times. This is exactly where web-based simulation learning applications can help.

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Client Testimonials

OMCO Solar makes tracking systems for solar modules, to increase production of solar energy

We developed a unique bearing, for high reliability and easy installation, and we needed a way to show our customers very clearly how the bearing works. Vee Technologies created a series of animations which show how our bearing functions, and now customers can understand it quickly and easily. Working with Vee was a pleasure – they are very professional, they communicate well, and their work exceeded our expectations. I look forward to working with Vee Technologies again!

Matt Kesler

Director Of Solar Technology
OMCO Solar

Bardex is greatly pleased with Vee Technologies’s animation services.

They are a very welcome and appreciated supporting member of our sales force. Their work is impeccable and their customer service leaves nothing to be wanted. We can recommend Vee Technologies for consideration on any animation projects you may have that are a good fit with the company.

Bryan Chamberlin

Design Engineer