Engineering a New Dimension
Of Aviation and Defense

Aerospace & Defense

While the aerospace and defense industry continues to transform, the demands from emerging markets and the changing global economy pose unique new challenges. Reduced time-to-market, cost, and the need for sustainable innovation are the key drivers of growth in this industry. As a pioneer and tech-innovator, Vee Technologies offers cutting-edge engineering solutions that address the needs of aerospace and defense manufacturing.

We follow a collaborative design approach that adheres to all industry standards and offers improved project turnaround times. We have a team of experienced engineering experts who carry years of the relevant knowledge required to design superior solutions. Our core engineering services focus on structures, galleys, ground systems and interior design.

Some of our aerospace and defense capabilities:
  • Aerostructures - Design and development support, weight optimization (including design and stress analysis), sustaining engineering, ECN/DCN/RFE/NIEOs support, stress dossier support
  • Manufacturing engineering - First Article Inspection (FAI) reviews, NC programming, methods planning, jigs, and fixtures design
  • Interior design engineering - NPD, sustaining engineering, concept to drawings release of galleys, inserts, wardrobes, closets, vanities, entertainment cabinet design
  • PLM standardization - Mass legacy data conversions, mylar conversions, 3D modeling and detailing
  • Technical publications - CMM (Components Maintenance Manuals), AMM (Aircraft Maintenance Manual), IPL (Illustrated Parts Catalogue), SBs (Service Bulletins) SRMs (Structural Repair Manuals) and IETM/IETP (Interactive Electronic Technical Manual/Publication)
  • Electrical wire harness and schematics design

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