Accounts Receivable

Keep Your Income Coming

Your revenue stream is the key to a healthy business. Let our specialized Accounts Receivable division help you save valuable practice time and keep you focused on patient care and building your core business. At Vee Technologies USA, we are focused around the clock on prompt reimbursement. We can’t stress enough the importance of skilled medical billing, medical coding, effective insurance processing, follow-up, timely collection, attentive patient/client service, and sophisticated data management. The result is a shortened revenue cycle and improved revenue stream.

 We guarantee to:

  • Improve cash flow
  • Reduce outstanding receivables
  • Increase collection ratios
  • Enhances customer relationship

For over a decade, we have invested in developing cutting-edge technology and building a highly skilled workforce to provide the finest possible service for our customers. In the U.S., our professional approach and timely follow-up has increased revenue for thousands of healthcare providers each year. We offer:

  • Calling: Our call center team is in constant coordination with the analysts and speaks with the other parties involved in the billing cycle value chain. The call center executive meticulously follows patient records, analyzes them, brings up issues with the insurance companies, addresses and rectifies the problem with the goal of increasing the cash flow.
  • Collections: We are proud of the high rate of collections we generate for our clients. In addition to everyday billing, we know that collecting payments on bills over 90 days old is often impossible, but this is a commonplace task for our team.
  • Denial Management: By reducing days in accounts receivable and increasing the collections ratio, we significantly improve our client's cash flow and profitability. Our team is expert in identifying just the right category and payor combination that will work best to resolve the denied claim, resulting in the best collections first
  • Account Follow-up: Our Accounts Receivable team is trained to identify patient accounts that require follow-up and take the necessary action to collect unpaid and partially paid claims. It is essential to document unpaid claims prior to 60 or 90 days. We run reports on accounts 30 to 60 days past due and call insurance companies to check claim status. Our goal is to keep the average age of accounts receivable at 45 days or less.

We are extremely familiar with the current State and Federal insurance regulations and strive to obtain high rates of return from these follow-up efforts. Effective accounts receivables begin with proper coding. The claims are checked for proper order and placement of CPT codes and modifiers. Our domain experts perform a consistent, thorough and detailed follow-up. Their involvement with the insurance carriers has enabled our specialists to develop contacts and rapports that help speed the payment process. All the claims are tracked until they are paid, and every payment is checked against the carrier's fee schedule. Our Accounts Receivable experts are proficient in the appeals process.

Our track record is superb receiving additional payment on appeals for:

  • Down coding
  • Nonpayment of E & M (evaluation and management) codes
  • Assistant surgeons
  • Secondary procedures considered incidental to the primary procedure
  • Incorrect allowances as compared to the published fee schedule
  • Process denials and file appeals to have denials overturned, when documentation supports the procedure