Medical Record Summarization
For a Leading Law Firm in the U.S.

Medical Record Summarization Personal Injury Litigation

The Client:

Our client is a leading law firm in New York that specializes in personal injury litigation.

The Challenge:

In an attempt to expand the firm, the client took on more injury cases than it could handle with its current staff and resources. With such a large volume of medical records being submitted to the firm on a daily basis, the client was struggling to maintain and review so many documents.

The Solution:

The client reached out to Vee Technologies for our leading legal process outsourcing (LPO) solution to maintain these medical documents and records and to assist in the litigation process. Utilizing our strong background in healthcare, we immediately began summarizing the medical files to make them easier to understand from a legal perspective.

The Result:

Our LPO team stands out from the rest because we have doctors and paramedical staff who are experienced in scrutinizing medical records, prescriptions, and more. Our well-defined process of allocating our staff's work allowed us to complete the job well within the required timeframe. We also verified all the documents’ summaries for accuracy and quality before returning them to the law firm.

Impressed by our LPO solution, the client now sends medical records to Vee Technologies for summarization regularly.