Deposition Summarization

Clients' Profile:

Our clients are Law Firms in the US practicing in the areas of Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, and other accident cases.

Client Situation

  • Our clients conduct litigation pertaining to accident cases.
  • Deposition of those involved in the accident as well as the highway patrol was in progress.
  • Summary of the depositions was urgently required by client law firms to proceed with the cases.
  • Clients approached us with a deadline of 2 days to summarize the deposition.

VeeLegal Approach and Solution

  • Each Project was started with a team consisting of the required number of full time Attorneys.
  • Vee LPO developed the complete process flow with various process improvements to meet the deadline fixed by clients.
  • A Manager was designated to handle the accounts and monitor distribution and completion of work within the stipulated time and to check the quality of deliverables.
  • By meticulous planning and execution, the Vee LPO Team was able to complete the jobs well before the deadline and deliver it to the clients and earn their appreciation, as the jobs were done perfectly as per the requirements of the clients.
  • This is a clear indication of the capabilities of Vee LPO to rise up to the occasion and meet the deadline, at the same time ensuring the quality.
  • Clients are happy and continue to provide all the Deposition summarization jobs to Vee LPO.