Utilizing RPA to Automate

The Material Reservation Process

About the Client

This client is one of the top manufacturing companies in the world, highly specialized in the manufacturing of pumps and spare parts. This particular process maintained component stock count to dispatch when necessary and available. Utilizing a manual and time-consuming work flow, resource allotment was growing as human error was increasing.


To complete each request, the client must check the items availability in the inventory application manually. Prone to mistakes, this process may leave a number of items or products unreserved. Additionally, data related to the total component stock is logged in the form of printed documents that are distributed and reviewed. The manual nature of the process combined with the possibility of errors increased the opportunity for inconsistency.

The process was originally designed to be 100% manual, but over time, this became cumbersome and inefficient as it required 5 full time employees to meet demands. As with any manual process, absenteeism, late arrival, family emergencies, or loss of employee resources made it extremely difficult for the client to meet established deadlines, ultimately impacting revenue.


Vee Technologies was brought in to design and develop Robotics Process Automation (RPA) bots to replace the manual nature of the current process. After thorough review, a solution was formulated.

To check the availability of current stock, the bot would verify the inventory of each product and store the values in a secure manner. It would then automatically reserve the products and verify whether the items are fully reserved or not. It would finally print the required documents for review. If the required parts were not available in stock, the bot would mark the product as unreserved. From that point on, the bot will check daily for availability and reserve the product once it became available. The automated bot would work 24/7, increasing both productivity and accuracy significantly.


Faced with changing times and inefficient processes, Vee Technologies helped this organization overcome their manual process challenge to increase the production output of the client’s organization. The implemented solution works with 100% accuracy and without any human intervention.

With a task that previously required 5 full time employees, this client was able to automate 300 reserve entries a day, all within a 3-month implementation phase. This allowed the organization to divert those 5 employees to different parts of the organization, a move that positively impacted revenue.

Utilizing RPA to Automate the Material Reservation Process

Utilizing RPA to Automate the Material Reservation Process