Job Opening Details Extraction Using

Robotic Process Automation

About the Client

HireMee is a social enterprise that offers AI-proctored web and mobile app based assessment platform that assists with talent acquisition & talent management. HireMee also offers free assessment to students aspiring for employment and offer pre-assessed pool of students to registered employers for hiring, at no-cost.


On average, the company extracts over 1,000 online job details daily for students. To facilitate this process, they search for open jobs on numerous websites using targeted keywords, course, and location details. Then, the employees copy the job information such as job title, company name, location, qualification, type, posted date, last date to apply, salary, experience, and more. In its entirety, the process took about 5 minutes to manually copy the necessary job details for each open position from the webpage and then paste it into the appropriate file. The manual process of completing this task was inefficient and created the possibility of incorrect information getting pulled and entered into the portal.

To grow the business and minimize costs, change was necessary. The company realized that scaling this type of workload would increase processing costs as the business grew, it was then decided that Vee Technologies would be brought in to automate the entire process.


Vee Technologies would design, test, and deploy Robotics Process Automation (RPA) bots to automate the job extraction process. The manual process of copying the necessary information would be removed, and the overall manpower involved in the job extraction process would reduce significantly. As processing costs dropped, the quality and quantity of the work would increase, which would allow the company to expand their reach with minimal effort.


After a three-month implementation phase, the bots were deployed into HireMee’s system. The manual process of data extraction was now automated and productivity increased by 85%. Issues regarding incorrect data were no longer prevalent as the accuracy rates soared to 100%.

HireMee’s operational team could now work quicker and more efficiently, which would be essential to a growing business that aims to serve a large client base. A team of 15 FTEs that were needed to complete the data extraction process could now be completed by only two. Shifting the additional FTEs to other parts of the organization proved to be the right move as the company had the resources necessary to absorb the influx of students that would soon become part of HireMee’s client base.

Automation can solve numerous financial and operational pitfalls. In this case, it proved to be the necessary piece that would allow this organization to better serve the students of India, and help to globalize prosperity.


Job Opening Details Extraction Using RPA

Job Opening Details Extraction Using RPA