Diagnosis Review and Data Capture System for

Medical Coding

About the Client

One of the largest healthcare provider networks in the United States had issues within their coding operations. After attempting numerous workarounds to fix their issues, they decided to take the next step in the evolution of their organization and approached Vee Technologies to streamline their medical coding process.


Medical coders were forced to manually copy necessary data from the EHR to their coding system before they could begin coding the charts, this workflow issue decreased production time, increased resource allotment and created numerous operational issues. A manual process with a multitude of steps, this strategy increased the opportunity for accuracy issues as well. To combat the accuracy issues that the organization was currently experiencing, they were forced to implement a QA (Quality Assurance) team to identify and correct errors in the data.

In the end, the vast number of resources and manual work being completed within the coding department far outweighed the productivity and quality results that were necessary to meet operational expectations. Something had to change.


Vee Technologies studied the operational workflow currently in place and identified the main issues. RPA bots were then created to perform the manual work done by the coders and copy the data into the necessary systems. This deployment would automatically assure the quality of the data and increase on-time delivery. With quality issues removed, the QA team that had been previously implemented for medical coding could then be utilized in other parts of the organization.

By utilizing the resources and knowledge of Vee Technologies’ Center of Excellence (COE), this medical coding bot was created, tested, evaluated, and deployed by the RPA team using a combination of technologies that were customized to fit this particular client’s needs.


The process improvements offered by Vee Technologies had a dramatic impact on this organization. Currently, this system handles over 900 records per day and has increased the production output to that of 7-8 additional FTE’s. The quality provided by the bots varies between 98% and 100% and functions with little to no oversight. The QA team that had been previously implemented for medical coding was then transitioned to provide QA on a much larger scale, increasing quality and delivery across multiple internal departments.

What was once an operational issue for this organization became an area of significant improvement, giving this organization the tools and resources necessary to deliver.

Diagnosis Review and Data Capture System for Medical Coding

Diagnosis Review and Data Capturing System for Medical Coding