Deploying RPA for

Purchase Order Generation

About the Client

This client is one of the top manufacturing companies in the world and is highly specialized in the manufacturing of pumps and spare parts. For this process, the organization needed assistance automating the purchase of raw materials from external vendors while creating purchase orders for the same.


Clients of the organization were generating over 100 purchase orders daily. To fulfill these orders, the organization was dependent on 24/7 manpower. A time-consuming process that was entirely manual, any issue encountered impacted other parts of the operation and caused down-time. Combined with issues regarding absenteeism, late arrivals, family emergencies and loss of employee resources, a change was necessary.

When compounding issues and utilization of manpower meant the organization would not be able to deliver the product on time to their valued customers, the decision was made to call Vee Technologies.


Vee Technologies designed and developed Robotics Process Automation (RPA) bots to automate the purchase order generation process. The bot that was created automatically evaluated and compared the order recommendation report with the vendor master report, then efficiently generated purchase orders based on priority. Due to this, the dependency on manual labor would be avoided. Finally, the bot would send the report in PDF format via email to each client daily, creating an added benefit that customers could enjoy.


By significantly reducing turnaround time, customer satisfaction and productivity drastically increased. The accuracy of the process automation was close to 100% and required minimal oversight by human resources.

Through the realization that something needed to change, this organization was able to successfully utilize technology by automating internal processes within their operations. In doing so, they were now able to successfully meet client demands while simultaneously easing operational efficiency.

Deploying RPA for Purchase Order Generation

Deploying RPA for Purchase Order Generation