Background Verification


About the Client

Our client is an HR (Human Resources) consulting agency located in the United States that works with organizations across the country to streamline the hiring process. Taking on many of the tasks within HR and the hiring process, this organization allowed their clients the opportunity to work with limited staff, while providing all necessary functions needed within a full HR team.


At the front end of the hiring process, the HR generalist would collect details from potential candidates by pulling data from the job applications, then by performing background checks to identify whether those candidates had criminal records. This check was typically performed through 5 designated websites, with each performing a different function. The same recurring checks were then performed monthly, on or before a set day of the month. As the company grew, as did their number of dedicated full-time employees that were allocated to this tedious and manual process.

Due to an influx of new clients and the growth of current ones, the process was being repeated for 5,000+ employees. Background verification became a mandatory task for these clients, and with growing numbers and a limited availability of infrastructure, the company had reached their growth limits. The decision was finally made to contact Vee Technologies.


Vee Technologies designed, tested and deployed Robotics Process Automation (RPA) bots to automate and reduce flaws in the background verification process. The bot would utilize OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to skim the data and pull all relevant information, then feed the information through the various websites to identify issues. A report would then be generated and sent back containing all necessary information.

By implementing this technology, the client would then be able to restructure and continue the rapid growth that they had encountered. Following a 3-month implementation phase, the bots were deployed successfully.


The deployed bots provided an instant operational impact. Productivity increased, quality was enhanced to a 99% accuracy rate, staffing shortages were no longer an issue as 50 FTEs were diverted to other parts of the organization, and the company was set up to scale rapidly moving forward.

With this manual process automated, the client was able to take a step back and review the overall structure of the company. In the end, they positioned themselves for growth and have now become one of the leading outsourced HR organizations.

Background Verification Solution

Background Verification