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VeeTrack is a media a market intelligence solution powered by Vee Technologies that provides media monitoring services to PR firms, marketing agencies, and direct clients. A report is generated daily for each client, based on the keywords that they specify, which is collected through online news, print articles, and regional papers across the world.


For external clients, this solution tracks an average of 5,000+ online English articles every day. To collect the various information, Vee Technologies facilitated 30+ resources utilizing keyword searches and web browsing to gather information such as headings, summaries, authors names, publication names, editions, and the dates for each.

The original designed process was 100% manual, which created numerous resource issues as the daily report was always delivered before 9:00 AM. To make this even more difficult, the data collection process could not start before 5:00 AM. This meant that the work was required to be completed within a four-hour time frame. If there were any issues with resources relating to absenteeism or late arrival, operations would be adversely affected almost instantly.


Vee Technologies evaluated numerous leading RPA (Robotic Process Automation) organizations in the market, mostly in the perpetual licensing model. Each bot license would cost thousands of dollars each year and would not fit the needs that were required. The decision was made to develop the products internally to meet the dynamic needs.

After creating the RPA team and finalizing operational workflows, Vee Technologies designed, tested and deployed RPA bots to automate the search and capture functions of the data from online sources that would then be fed into the daily reports sent to clients. The implementation process took 3-4 months to test and deploy through the various clients that VeeTrack was collecting data for.


Through the process of bot implementation, the company was able to scale back 15 resources from the overall media tracking process, divert the resources to other areas of the organization and reduce costs. Accuracy of the data increased dramatically and turnaround time was instantly reduced. With the process now automated, the company was able to meet infrastructure needs and deliver a high-quality product to meet the client’s needs.

Recognizing the need to improve processes within the organization, this bot delivered in a process that needed it most. It was awarded the “Best Implementation RPA” at the Vee Technologies awards ceremony in 2020 as a significant producer to the goals of the organization.

Article Data Extraction

Article Data Extraction

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