Point of Sale (POS) Application for Fair Price Shops (FPS)

Fair Price Shops (FPS) ensures availability of important food items to Indian citizens holding ration card at affordable prices. It is a Government of India initiative to promise food/ration security for the citizens of India who cannot afford basic necessity like food. The responsibility of Fair Price Shops is immense to ensure the right customer gets the benefit of this subsidized system. Operational ration cards are issued to eligible citizens to avail the benefit.

Operations and monitoring of Fair Price Shops have taken a hard hit by miscreants who black market the food grains that are provided by the government for poor. As the process has been manual till the date, records are being tampered heavily. Vee Technologies e-governance initiative focuses on bringing automation to the rescue of misuse of the subsidized food grains.

Our Point of Sale Software enables the Ration Shops with following features:

  • OTP Authentication
  • Biometric Identity Verification
  • Matching Users’ data with Aadhar Card
  • Recording the Ration details for each user

It is visible that our Point of Sale Software reduces the chances of frauds, which were very much often prior to the digitalization of the ration process.

How it works?

The Point of Sale Software fetches the details related to all the members of a family, as linked to a Ration Card. At the time of Ration distribution, the receipt of Ration will have to pass the biometric authentication process, which checks whether or not the details are matching with any Aadhar, as linked to the Ration Card.

Alongside, the user has to provide the OTP number, as arrived on the connected mobile number. If verified successfully, the person can take the ration. We are confident that our procedure will reduce the fraud in Ration distribution and its black-marketing to a bare minimum.

What will a Point of Sale Application achieve for Fair Price Shops?

To ensure fair delivery of the subsidized food grains, Vee Technologies has come up with Applications that will keep electronic records of all the details related to the ration and ration card holder.

1) Aadhaar Card linking

With Point of Sale Application, the Fair Price Shops will be able to link the Aadhaar card to the ration card. Whenever a ration card holder comes to avail the subsidized ration, his Aadhaar card details will be verified to ensure no one other the beneficiary and his dependents avail the subsidiary. A biometric identification check will be done to maintain transparency over this government-driven value chain. This will keep a close audit on the black marketing of this subsidize ration.

2) Limit Monitoring

Government of India offers a limited amount of ration to underprivileged citizens of India. It is very important to make sure that each beneficiary avails the quota that he is entitled. For this, the Aadhaar card linkage will help keep track of the limits electronically. With such an arrangement will curtail black marketing and misuse of quota.

The POS application will be capable of performing the updates in a deferred fashion if there are some network issues. This automated and electronic system will ensure to channelize the distribution of subsidized food grains in a manner to benefit the deserving ones. With Aadhaar linkage, a user can avail his ration from any subsidized store across India. The Application of POS is intuitive and can be easily put to use for authenticated distribution of food grains.