Aadhaar Field Monitoring System

Intuitive Aadhaar Field Monitoring System

Aadhaar card, an excellent initiative of The Govt. of India Initiative has provided every Indian with a Unique Identification Number. It has changed the way Indian Citizens exercise their rights today, reducing their hassles and eliminating the identification issues from the process.

A strong emphasis has been laid on linking all the information of an Indian citizen in digital form to his Aadhaar card. After a very extensive drive of setting up Aadhaar card booths so that Indian citizens can get their Aadhaar card made easily, the Government of India is now allowing nationalized banks to set up AFMS to create an Aadhaar card or update the existing one. Vee Technologies is helping Indian Government to develop robust and secure Aadhaar Field Monitoring Systems.

What is Aadhaar Field Monitoring system cable of doing?

UIDAI has established the nationalized banks as a single point of contact for anyone who needs Aadhaar related services. The banks will be empowered with Vee Technologies Aadhaar Field Monitoring Systems that has been developed as an automated electronic system of making biometric as well as non-biometric updates to the Aadhaar card.

  • The Aadhaar Field Monitoring System is made capable of helping enroll for a new Aadhaar card. Right from the biometric information all other data will be captured on the AFMS and will be passed to UIDAI database to process the new application.
  • The AFMS is made capable of assisting making updates or changes to the existing Aadhaar card. These may be biometric changes in case of a child attaining the age of 5 or 15 or non-biometric changes like name, address, phone number, email id and more.
  • AFMS is capable of printing the Aadhaar cards both in color and black and white.
  • Each service has a charge associated with it and these charges are automatically linked and recorded to the Aadhaar card. Even the transaction branch, zone, and status updates are available in UIDAI via the AFMS.

With our Aadhaar Field Monitoring Systems in place, the Aadhar data keeping, modification, and payment collection have become easy and we are happy with the appraisals we are getting for this.