Clinical Analytics

The focus of Clinical Analytics is to provide insight into clinical operations, proactively predict negative health events, including identify chronic conditions, prevent hospital readmissions, ER visits, high risk patients and streamline care coordination.

Population Health Management Analytics:

A solution designed to proactively identify high-risk patients which reduces the cost of care and increase the quality of care.

  • Identify and rank the high-risk chronic patients to prioritize care coordination efforts
  • Probility modeling to predict future events Tracking utilization cost of managing the high-risk patients and the whole population
  • Monitor quality of care by facility and by provider

Create a virtual environment to stratify the impact of guideline or regulatory changes


How Vee Technologies Helps ACOs Increase Cost Effectiveness

ACOs (Accountable Care Organizations) work in sync with the Affordable Care Act (colloquially called Obamacare) to redefine the landscape of healthcare in the United States. ACOs aim to reduce healthcare costs for the provider (physician practices/hospitals) and the payer (insurance firms) while also benefiting patients. ACO is a value-based model of healthcare that is in stark contrast to the fee-for-service payment model that is widespread in the U.S. today.
Case Studies
AR Denials & Liquidity
Challenge:A major hospital if realized three consecutive quarters of declining net collections.
DNFB Analysis
DNFB over $9,000,000 for three consecutive months equating to 12 days of encounters.