Effective PR Strategies
For a Major PR Firm

Insights on News to Build Effective PR Strategies

The Client:

The client is a major PR firm that is hired to produce and manage unpaid messages to the public through the media on behalf of its clients, with the intention of changing the public's actions by influencing their opinions.

The Challenge:

While the client excelled at creating PR campaigns, it lacked the resources necessary to track media coverage or provide insights to its clients. It could not provide these services in a cost effective or timely manner. Without these key insights into its campaigns, it was unable to scale its business or design the most effective PR strategies.

The Solution:

Vee Technologies’ premier media tracking solution provided the client with daily reports on its PR initiatives across the world. A special feature of our solution is its ability to monitor media mentions in different languages, allowing the client to branch out and work with populations that do not speak English. Our media monitoring tool ensured the timely delivery of customized reports that captured relevant insights on news about the client’s brand, products, competitors, news, and more.

The Results:

With help from Vee Technologies, the client could now better serve the companies that purchase its services. The client receives daily reports with important data that has strengthened its PR strategies and allowed it to see results in real-time. The client credited the insights from these reports for helping expand its services and reach new customers.