Tracking & Tracing

Efficient, timely, and accurate tracking of goods, vehicles, and containers help companies in reducing logistics costs and manual checks while also increasing productivity and revenue and saving valuable time. Today, companies worldwide are outsourcing their cargo tracking needs to Vee Technologies. The transportation of goods by road is tracked remotely by the use of highly developed tracking software and GPS tracking. The cargo tracking services offered by Vee Technologies also helps in the optimal utilization of their trucks. You make the best use of your assets by reducing the idle time between shipments.

Vee Technologies utilizes a systematic and meticulous process for tracking and tracing of cargo, which goes like this:

  • Using advanced software and GPS Positioning, we track trucks transporting the cargo.
  • Our call executives constantly interact with the truck drivers and engage the free trucks at the earliest.
  • All our call executives are highly trained and capable of handling a variety of US inland logistics issues.
  • Having undergone onsite training, they are well-versed with the local geography.
  • They direct these trucks to the shipper's address for carrying the goods.
  • This process cuts down the idle time of the goods leading to optimal utilization of trucks.

Vee Technologies tracks and updates the status of cargo using the process below:

  • We run the tracking list report through remote desktop.
  • From the tracking list report, we find the list of shipments to be tracked. Each shipment has a unique identification number.
  • Using this number as well as the container number and master BOL number, we trace the consignments of the shippers from different carrier websites.
  • Once the cargo is tracked and traced, the status of the goods is verified and we collect details such as the location of the goods, expected arrival date and time, and any changes in the schedule.
  • The status updates are published online by updating your website, thus enabling you to get the latest status information.
  • This status updating process helps the shippers and importers to be aware of the details of the consignments on a daily basis.

Benefits of Tracking & Tracing for Your Logistics Business

Tracking and tracing systems allows you to view the location of your fleet vehicles in real-time, 24 hours a day from anywhere. GPS trackers provide an all-in-one solution for vehicle tracking and security. The device offers real-time tracking data which can be accessed via SMS or any web browser (mobile or desktop).
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