Detailed Auditing
For the Ocean Freight Industry

Ocean Freight Contract Audit


The client came to us with a request for freight bill audit. We received the complete data in the form of PDF files on multiple CDs. The assignment was huge and our well-synchronized team work helped us complete the tasks efficiently in time. Our team of experts started off by downloading the ocean freight contracts from the FTP site. There were more than 10 carriers involved, each having a separate freight contract along with amendments to suit individual client requirements.


The highlights of the audit that we did are as follows:

  • Average bills per day was in the range of 300 - 400 per person
  • We audited almost 49000 invoices
  • For the 22-week period of review that we did, 1.20% was the average percentage of errors in the bills
  • Total freight amount that we audited was USD 25, 98,541.00 for a total of 48424 invoices
  • USD 3,22,491 was the claimed amount, with USD 6.66 being the average amount per bill


The audit was successful due to the nimble operations performed at our end.

The client was totally happy with the output, fast pace of work, and the highly professional conduct that we displayed.

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