Auditing Support
For a Large Importer

Ocean Freight Audit


Due to the repute we have in delivering perfect logistics processing solutions and support, we got an Ocean Freight audit request from a Larger Importer and Chain Store Company who wanted us to handle 3 customers of theirs. With the precedence given by the client, our intensely skilled team started the audit for the first customer whose data was spread across 50 CDs. We verified invoices against the hard copy of contracts of various shipping lines covering the period 2011-2014.


Here are the highlights of the way we dealt with this assignment:

  • 40% of the data CD, with a total of 1500-5000 tif images, was freight invoice and the rest were commercial documents. We had a built-in program to read all the invoices on the CD, with each invoice being 5-50 pages
  • The coverage per day was around 250 - 300 invoices
  • We could identify discrepancies in 4000 invoices that amounted to USD 516416.00


  • The audit for the other 2 customers is in the pipeline and we are waiting for the precedence information to come from the client
  • The audit assignment demanded that we worked not just hard but smart
  • With our enormous experience in complete and partial audits, we could make a positive difference to the client's operations and provide valuable insights into their transactions
  • Our commitment and efficient process execution was well appreciated. This also has rendered us a long term business alliance and loyal patronage