Delivering Freight
Bill Solutions

Freight Bills Verification


The client was incurring unnecessary expenses due to wrong and over charging patterns.

  • Their carriers were not charging as per contractual rates
  • There were additional charges levied on the bills
  • The charges on the Accessorial were high


After complete analysis by our domain experts, we provided the following process support:

  • Verified each freight bill with the contracted rate
  • Evaluated all the charges levied by carrier
  • Compared the Accessorial charges, verified if the carrier is eligible for the actual charges on the services and charged only for that specific service


  • Client recovered a large sum of money
  • Got a high recovery at a very minimal cost
  • There was no overhead of recruitment or training
  • There was zero cost on verification and rework


The highlight of this project was the relentless support we provided to the client. We also had constant collaboration with the client at every single stage. This enabled us to deliver a solution that fit right to their requirement. The client organization witnessed huge changes and they were extremely content with the output they got from our support