Travel and Expense
Audit Management

Combining Domain Expertise And Process Knowledge

Expense Audit Travel Management Services Provider in UK

The client predominantly uses the services of the travel services company, which was the primary booking agent, to book hotel accommodations, air travel, rail travel, car hire, and event Management services as per the current internal travel policy. In addition to the travel and accommodation booked via the travel service company, there is also accommodation being booked directly by staff and paid for by the business (directly to various hotel groups). The total spend would be around 9.6 million (including VAT) for a period of 21 months.

The Challenge:

At present, there is no management information available that provides an indication of ALL travel related costs, including costs per night for accommodation and adherence to company policy.

The main challenge to the review is that there is minimal management information available on spending at a sufficient level to identify non adherence with company policy, recovery of unclaimed VAT, and identification of opportunities for savings. The issues are:

  • Expenses due to wrong / over charging
  • Not charging as per internal travel policy
  • Additional charges levied on bills

The Solution:

  • Vee creates a database containing all the expense details
  • Verifies each and every receipt of the expenses claim details and validated the same as per expenses rules by the domain expert.
  • Vee records the deviations observed and would escalate to the client for action.

Active collaboration between the client and Vee Technologies at all stages

The Result:

  • Recovery of a large amount
  • Minimal fixed cost for high recovery
  • No recruitment, training costs
  • Zero cost on verification and rework