Solution to Large Volume of Accounts Payable Bills

Support to big Air carriers

The issue:

Big Air carriers received large amount of non-passenger Accounts Payable Invoices. It was a challenge for them to integrate these invoices into their SAP ERP system. The volume was huge and timely entry of invoices into the system was creating issues.

The solution:

Bearing point had developed an interface to integrate the invoices indexed into SAP automatically. Vee had offered its services for indexing the invoices in a timely manner and using the interface of Bearing Point the database was integrated into the carriers database.

Vee had the expertise of indexing invoices as well as the Accounts payable management which facilitated this project being successful.

The results:

  • Timely processing of the invoices.
  • Best Quality output provided to the client.
  • No rework on the data
  • No recruitment, training, ramping up issues
  • Unexpected Surge volumes taken care of by Vee