Freight Bill Auditing

After freight bills have been processed and carrier payments have been executed, we verify the accuracy of carrier charges. We use our expertise to build a comprehensive bill auditing solution that provides our clients valuable insights on their freight bill execution.

We follow a systematic freight bill audit process:

  • Receive freighted bills of lading in agreed upon audit intervals for audits
  • Inspect contracts for terms and conditions, rate revisions, special rates, bullet rates, etc.
  • Compare billed amounts against contractual obligations and resolve freight bill payments with bill payment recommendations
  • Identify freight bills that exceed set amounts, and bills where accessorial charges exceed a predetermined percentage to the total amount
  • Capture data-related errors and overcharges
  • Prepare carrier refund reports to file claims with carriers

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Case Studies
Combining Domain Expertise And Process Knowledge
The client predominantly uses the services of the travel services company, which was the primary booking agent, to book hotel accommodations, air travel, rail travel, car hire, and event Management services as per the current internal travel policy.
Solution To Large Volume Of Accounts Payable Bills
Big Air carriers received large amount of non-passenger Accounts Payable Invoices. It was a challenge for them to integrate these invoices into their SAP ERP system.